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BioLCCC::Gradient Class Reference

An instance of Gradient describes an elution gradient. More...

#include <gradient.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Gradient ()
 Constructs an empty elution gradient.
 Gradient (double initialConcentrationB, double finalConcentrationB, double time) throw (GradientException, GradientPointException)
 Constructs a linear elution gradient. More...
Gradient addPoint (GradientPoint iPoint) throw (GradientException, GradientPointException)
 Extends the gradient with the point iPoint.
Gradient addPoint (double iTime, double iConcentrationB) throw (GradientException, GradientPointException)
 Extends the gradient with the point (iTime, iConcentrationB). More...

Detailed Description

An instance of Gradient describes an elution gradient.

An instance of Gradient keeps the shape of an elution gradient, i.e. the dependence of the concentration of component B on time. The shape is represented by a series of points (time, concentration of component B). The concentration in a moment of time between any two points is linearly interpolated.

Note that gradient must start with point at 0.0 min and contain only successive points.

Gradient is a public "heir" of std::vector, so see the corresponding reference ( for help on other members and methods of this class.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Gradient()

BioLCCC::Gradient::Gradient ( double  initialConcentrationB,
double  finalConcentrationB,
double  time 
throw (GradientException,

Constructs a linear elution gradient.

Constructs a gradient with two points: (0.0, initialConcentrationB) and (time, finalConcentrationB).

initialConcentrationBConcentration of component B at 0.0 min.
finalConcentrationBConcentration of component B at the end of the gradient.
timeThe duration of the gradient.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ addPoint()

Gradient BioLCCC::Gradient::addPoint ( double  iTime,
double  iConcentrationB 
throw (GradientException,

Extends the gradient with the point (iTime, iConcentrationB).

Valid values are iTime >= 0.0 and 0.0 <= iConcentrationB <= 100.0

Definition at line 43 of file gradient.cpp.

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